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Embracing a Better Future

Our Commitment to Sustainable Awards

A Pledge for Sustainability

As we move forward, and the year goed by, Upstream Trophies stands as a beacon of sustainability in the awards industry. Recognising the critical role of environmental stewardship during the year, we’ve dedicated ourselves towards a transformation in the way achievements are celebrated. Our sustainable awards are more than mere tokens; they embody a deeper commitment to help the planet and to a sustainable future.

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Our Selection of Awards: A Spectrum of Sustainable Choices

Our award collection reflects a balance of aesthetic appeal and environmental responsibility. Ranging from standard designs to custom creations, our trophies cater to each type of event, emphasising the sustainability at every step. Among our standard categories, two awards stand out for their innovative use of recycled materials.

In our pursuit of sustainability, the Good Granito and Cool Confetti awards are exemplary. These standard trophies are crafted from repurposed old refrigerators, showcasing our innovative approach to waste reduction. By the transformation of these common household appliances into awards, we give new life to materials that would otherwise contribute to environmental degradation.

  • The Recycling Process: We begin by removing cooling compressors and coolant from the refrigerators. The materials are then shredded, and through a series of separation processes, we extract nearly pure forms of usable materials. The plastic retrieved is pressed into panels, forming the base of our awards.
  • Sustainable Design: Each award is designed to accentuate the unique patterns inherent in the recycled materials, reinforcing our commitment to the circular economy and showcasing our creativity.
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What We Do at Upstream Trophies

Our commitment extends beyond the manufacturing process. As a director in the awards industry, we actively seek out and use recycled plastics, turning what was once waste into symbols of honour and achievement.

  1. A Stand Against Plastic Waste: Understanding the dire state of plastic recycling, where a significant portion ends up in landfills or polluting nature, we take a proactive approach. Our process ensures that these plastics are given a new, purposeful life, aligning with our vision of sustainable supply chain management.
  2. Crafting a Sustainable Narrative: Each award we create tells a story of transformation and responsibility, echoing our motto, “no more plastic waste(d).” This approach positions us at the front of sustainability in the award industry.
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No Material Waste(d): Championing the Circular Economy

Our philosophy is rooted in the principles of the circular economy, where waste is not an endpoint but a new beginning.

  1. Turning Waste to Glory: We utilise materials such as old refrigerators and household waste, ingeniously converting them into exquisite awards. This process is a testament to our belief that waste should not be wasted, and our commitment to celebrating the winners in a responsible way.
  2. Material Integrity: We respect the originality of each material, avoiding the addition of new colours. For instance, our Cool Confetti material combines the natural white of fridges with the vibrant hues of single-use plastics. This approach not only gives each trophy its distinct character but also tells a story of its origin, contributing to the sustainability narrative across the world.
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Awards for Winners: Celebrating the Champions of Sustainability

We believe that the leaders and innovators who drive sustainability deserve recognition that mirrors their commitment. Our awards are designed to do just that – honour the dedication and innovation of those who are leading the way in sustainable practices.

  • A Global Impact: Our awards are designed to highlight and celebrate the winners’ contributions to sustainability. By recognising these leaders, we amplify their stories, encouraging more individuals and organisations to partake in sustainable practices.
  • Supporting a Network of Sustainability Stories: The impact of our awards is far-reaching. By the reusing of plastic waste and designing trophies that can be remade into unique pieces, we’re not just acknowledging achievements; we’re fostering a network of sustainability narratives that resonate globally.
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Join Us in Shaping a Sustainable Tomorrow

At Upstream Trophies, we’re more than just an award making company. We’re a team committed to environmental responsibility, innovation, and the creation of a sustainable future. We invite you to explore our range of sustainability awards and join us in this vital mission. Together, we can celebrate achievements while making a positive impact on our planet. We are open to award idea entries from companies worldwide for the upcoming event you are organising, eager to be recognised towards a sustainable future. Please reach out if you are interested. 

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