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Where Customisation Meets Environmental Responsibility

At Upstream Trophies, our designers take pride in crafting custom awards that are more than just symbols of recognition. Each award tells a unique story, embodying our commitment to sustainability and creativity. Our passion lies in creating custom award options that not only honor achievements but also inspire and resonate with a deeper message of environmental responsibility.

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The Art of Customization at Upstream Trophies

Our team is the cornerstone of what makes our awards and trophies special. We understand that each award or trophy should reflect the individuality of its recipient and the essence of the occasion it celebrates. 

  • In-depth Consultations: Engaging with clients to understand their vision and the specific needs of their event or occasion.
  • Artistic Creation: Our team of talented specialists bring these visions into a reality, crafting unique and custom designs that capture the spirit of the award and its recipient.
  • Sustainable Material Selection: We choose materials not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their environmental impact. Our focus on recycled materials ensures that each award contributes to a sustainable future.

We can guide you through ordering your custom awards, ensuring perfection in every detail. From concept development to material and design selection, our team will help you shop for the perfect award to meet the exact standards of our clients. This journey includes:

  • Concept Development: Brainstorming and conceptualising unique ideas that align with the client’s requirements.
  • Material and Design Selection: Carefully selecting materials and refining designs, so that we can meet the exact standards of our clients.
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Personalisation: The Essence of Upstream Trophies

Each award and trophy we create is an opportunity to tell a unique story. Our personalisation options include:

1. Engraving: Our team can incorporate artwork and custom engraving into each award, adding a personal touch with names, dates, or messages that resonate with the recipient’s accomplishments.

2. Artwork Integration: We can also collaborate with clients to incorporate specific logos or designs, enhancing the personal value of the award. For ordering, clients can submit their artwork in EPS or PDF formats, ensuring precision in the final award design. 

Our creative approach to design focuses on making each award a memorable and meaningful piece:

  • Creative Freedom in Design: We encourage innovation in design, allowing for unique shapes and sizes that reflect the specific achievements being honored.
  • Narrative through Design: We aim for each award to narrate the recipient’s unique story, blending artistic creativity with the achievement it represents.
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Celebrating Achievements with Custom Awards

We offer a range of options to order trophies, plaques, and items for various ceremonies. Our custom awards are suitable for a myriad of occasions, each designed to uniquely celebrate different achievements:

  • Corporate Events: Recognising professional excellence, milestones, and contributions in the business world.
  • Sports and Academics: Honouring outstanding performances in sports and significant academic accomplishments.
  • Personal Celebrations: Celebrating personal milestones, achievements, and memorable moments.
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Collaborative Customisation Process

At Upstream Trophies, our combined customization and ordering process is designed for efficiency and client satisfaction. From initial design concepts to the final delivery of your custom award, we ensure a smooth and collaborative experience.

  • Design Guidance and Prototyping: We start by understanding your vision, then guide you through the design process. Prototyping is key, allowing for adjustments to ensure the final product perfectly aligns with your expectations.
  • Efficient Ordering with Easy Artwork Submission: The ordering process is streamlined for your convenience. Clients can submit their artwork in EPS or PDF formats, ensuring precision in the final award design. This hassle-free approach makes it easy to transform your ideas into a stunning, tangible award.
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Why Choose an Upstream Trophies

By choosing for Upstream Trophies, you’re partnering with our company, and we value:

  • Environmental Responsibility: Our sustainable practices and use of recycled materials reflect our commitment to the planet.
  • Accessibility for All Budgets: We believe in making recognition accessible to everyone, offering a range of options to suit different budgets.

In short

For a truly meaningful and environmentally conscious way to celebrate achievements, we can help you craft an award or trophy that stands out. Contact us to start crafting an award that celebrates achievement in a unique and impactful way.

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We'll custom design a unique trophy for you. Next to the design also the materials can be chosen, each waste material has its own narrative which can connect with the brand or award ceremony.

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