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Rethinking Awards

Our Approach to Sustainable Recognition​

At Upstream Trophies, we’re not just creating awards; we’re crafting a legacy of sustainability and innovation. In a world where wood trophies, such as a custom wood award, are often the norm, we offer an alternative that speaks to the heart of environmental responsibility and artistic craftsmanship.

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The Sustainability of Upstream Trophies

Wooden trophies have long been seen as a sustainable choice, but at Upstream Trophies, we take eco-friendly to a new level. Unlike traditional the wood used in wood trophies, we use a variety of recycled plastics, which significantly lowers the environmental impact compared to custom wood awards. Our commitment to the environment is unwavering, as we continuously seek innovative ways to reduce our ecological footprint.

  • Recycled Materials: We use a variety of recycled plastics, which significantly lowers the environmental impact compared to traditional wood trophies. Our process diverts waste from landfills, giving it new life as a symbol of achievement – a kind of trophy that speaks to the heart of sustainability.
  • Local Sourcing of Materials: We prioritise local sourcing of our materials, significantly reducing transportation emissions compared to traditional wooden trophies, which often require extensive transport for wood sourcing, increasing environmental impact. Moreover, it does not only benefit the environment but also supports local communities, setting a new eco-friendly standard in trophy manufacturing.
  • Circular Economy Model: Our trophies are designed with circularity in mind. They’re not only made from recycled materials but are also fully recyclable. This commitment ensures that our awards are a contribution to a sustainable future, long after they’ve served their purpose.
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Artistry in Design

We blend art and technology to create trophies that are as unique as the achievements they celebrate. Our design process is a testament to our belief that awards should be as special as the moments they commemorate.

  1. Innovative Techniques: Utilising advanced technologies like 3D printing and laser engraving, we turn sustainable materials into custom, sophisticated designs. This approach allows for intricate details that are not possible with traditional wood crafting.
  2. Personalisation Options: Echoing the bespoke nature of custom wood trophies, our awards offer extensive customisation. From laser engraving to unique shapes and designs, we ensure each award is as individual as its recipient.
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Beyond the Wood: Why Choose Upstream?

Choosing Upstream Trophies over traditional wooden awards is a statement in itself. It’s a choice that reflects awareness and commitment to environmental sustainability.

  1. Avoidance of Harmful Additives: At Upstream Trophies, we believe in creating awards that are not only symbols of achievement but also embody our responsibility towards the planet and its inhabitants. We eliminate potentially hazardous substances, ensuring that each award is safe and eco-friendly, a significant step beyond the typical the wood used in trophies.
  2. Local Sourcing and Global Impact: We’re committed to sourcing our materials as locally as possible. This approach reduces our carbon footprint and supports local communities, setting us apart from the global impact of wood sourcing.
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Customisation at Its Best

Our trophies are not just sustainable; they’re tailor-made to capture the essence of each achievement and its recipient. We have ensured that every detail is considered, making each award truly unique.

  • Stories Behind the Trophies: Every award has its own unique backstory, rooted in the sustainable journey of its materials. These narratives add an extra layer of meaning to each award.
  • Diverse Design Capabilities: From simple and elegant to complex and bold, our design capabilities are vast. We work closely with our clients to create awards that truly represent the spirit of their event or achievement.
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Conclusion: The Upstream Promise

In a world where every choice has an impact, choosing an Upstream Trophy is more than just a decision about an award; it’s a statement of care for the planet and a nod towards a sustainable future. The result is that our awards are not just symbols of achievement; they represent a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and ethical craftsmanship. Each piece we create is a testament to our dedication to art, the environment, and responsible innovation.

We invite you to discover the diverse range of sustainable awards we offer. You can explore our web page to see how each award is a unique celebration of art, innovation, and environmental responsibility. With the passion for sustainability, we have become the most innovative in our field. But our journey doesn’t end there. We’re excited about collaborating and creating something extraordinary together. Contact us to discuss how we can craft a unique, sustainable award for a truly memorable next event or achievement. Together, let’s make a positive impact and celebrate achievements responsibly.

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