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Turning Waste into Wins

Unique Sustainable Trophies Made from Recycled Materials

Upstream Trophies stands at the forefront of celebrating achievements with a sustainable twist. We create distinctive trophies using recycled materials, including old aeroplane parts and fishing nets. Our process is not just about crafting sustainable awards; it’s a journey towards environmental responsibility. Each sustainable trophy is a testament to artistic innovation and a greener future, representing a story of transformation from waste to a symbol of pride and success.

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Our Principles

Founded in 2016, Upstream Trophies has been redefining what it means to celebrate success. Our core philosophy revolves around three key principles: 

  1. Eco-Friendly Materials: Being sustainable is key to us. Choosing our recycled-material trophies helps make a positive impact on the environment. We repurpose recycled plastics and other sustainable materials to craft stunning trophies.
  2. Innovative Techniques: Our use of advanced technologies, like laser cutting, enables us to artistically repurpose these materials into meaningful awards.
  3. Local Community Engagement: We emphasise local sourcing to minimise our carbon footprint and strengthen community ties.
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Our Unique Trophy-Making Process

At Upstream Trophies, the creation of each sustainable trophy is a form of thoughtful design, blending advanced technology with meticulous design. By merging recycled plastics with precise craftsmanship, trophies that are both elegant and sustainable are crafted. 

Utilising Recycled and Locally Sourced Materials: Our sustainable trophies are made from items like discarded fishing nets and old airplane parts, turning waste into symbols of honour. The journey from waste to artistry starts with the careful selection of these discarded materials, ensuring they are suitable for transformation and have an interesting backstory. We work closely with local communities to source these materials, emphasising our commitment to sustainability and community engagement.

Incorporating Advanced Technologies: Creating trophies involves cutting-edge technology. We use laser cutting and precise design methods to carefully turn recycled plastic into elegant and sustainable trophies. Our team’s mix of art and skill ensures each trophy is a standout piece. This process involves:

  1. Design Phase: Collaborating with clients to reflect the spirit of their event in each trophy design.
  2. Laser Cutting and Molding: Precisely shaping and molding the recycled materials into components.
  3. Hand Finishing: Assembling, polishing, and adding final touches by skilled artisans.
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Beyond Ordinary: A Narrative of Sustainability

Our sustainable awards are more than mere symbols of accomplishment; they’re stories, narratives of perseverance and eco-consciousness. This approach adds depth and meaning to every award. Here’s how we aim to make this difference:

  • Narrative-Driven Design: Each trophy is a storied artifact, accompanied by a material passport detailing its transformation from waste to a symbol of victory. The material passport not only adds significance to the trophy but also serves as an educational tool about the importance of recycling and sustainability.
  • Design-Driven Excellence: Blending innovative design with the essence of accomplishment, our trophies stand as testaments to both aesthetic appeal and sustainable practices. This approach highlights our commitment to elevating the standard of design in creating awards that are as meaningful as they are visually compelling.
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Redefining Trophies: A Creative and Sustainable Perspective

We believe in transcending the ordinary with our sustainable awards, which embody sustainable choices and creative expression.

  • Customised to Your Story: We offer an array of trophies, from standard to bespoke designs, each tailored to reflect the unique narrative of your achievement.
  • Suitable for Every Event: Our trophies are adaptable to any occasion, whether it’s a corporate function, a sports event, or an academic celebration, our trophies adapt to the spirit of your occasion, carrying the essence of sustainability and elegance.
  • Diverse Materials: From standard designs to unique creations, we use a variety of recycled materials, each with its own backstory.
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Our Promise for the Future

 Our commitment extends beyond just crafting sustainable awards; we are dedicated to making a difference. Our promises include:

  • Advocacy for Recycling: We promote the recycling and repurposing of old trophies, in line with our sustainable vision.
  • Transparency and Trust: Each trophy comes with a material passport, ensuring transparency in its sustainability journey.

So, why choose Upstream Trophies?

We offer environmentally-friendly, customizable trophies with cutting-edge design and the art technologies. At Upstream Trophies, we’re not just creating trophies; we’re crafting stories of sustainability and innovation. Our use of diverse, recycled materials, alongside the art technologies, underlines our commitment to sustainability. Each trophy from Upstream is not just an award; it’s a meaningful symbol of change and environmental care, enhanced by the art technologies. Join us in this journey; celebrate your achievements with trophies that carry the legacy of sustainability and the art technologies in artistic excellence.

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We'll custom design a unique trophy for you. Next to the design also the materials can be chosen, each waste material has its own narrative which can connect with the brand or award ceremony.

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Choose the perfect trophy from a selection of standard designs & materials. These trophies are all made from sustainable materials and can be quickly manufactured.